CART Fury: Championship Racing - Playstation 2

CART Fury: Championship Racing - Playstation 2

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CART Fury is one of Midway's more realistic arcade racing titles. It features the Championship Auto Racing Teams license, championship drivers including Jimmy Vasser and Michael Andretti, and actual CART race courses such as Chicago Motor Speedway and Surfers Paradise, Australia. The game is similar to the Cruis'n and Thunder series with its checkpoints and fantasy tracks, except that you have a Boost Meter you use to get ahead of the other drivers. The If you complete a lap within a designated time, you get Superboost--a trail of fire to leave the other drivers in the dust!

The different modes in the PS2 version are Arcade, Simulator, Season, Sub-Games, and Driving 101. Frantic sub-games include a time trial/practice mode and "Last Man Standing," appropriately named because your opponents will try wear you down! In addition, there are 12 secret cars, and you can watch unlocked cinema scenes in the Danny Sullivan Theater.

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