Cars: Mater-National Championship - Playstation 2

Cars: Mater-National Championship - Playstation 2

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Cars: Mater-National is a game adaptation of the animated feature film Cars. It features 13 characters in total, 3 areas and the following modes:
  • Profile: Here you can check/load any of the existing profiles and see how many points you have, the races you have won and the completion percentage you have achieved.
  • Bonus Content: Bonus Content has two options – Characters and Art. In the 1st option you can use the points you have earned to unlock new cars or buy new colours for the ones you already have. The 2nd option allows you to unlock art from the cars, tracks etc. again in exchange for points.
  • Story Mode: You play as Lightning McQueen in the world of Radiator Springs, Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass. While there, you can just look around, talk with other cars or enter races to earn points that can be expend to unlock new characters and other staff in the Bonus Content section and Bolt Banners that are needed to unlock more areas. Each time you enter a race/mini-game you’ll see a cutscene of Lightning and the cars that will compete (races only) and if you win, these races/mini-games will become available in Arcade mode. Also by winning races new events will be unlocked in Story Mode.

Arcade: Arcade mode has two options as well. Race and Minigame. The 1st option will enable you to choose one of the available cars and race in any of the tracks that you have unlocked in Story Mode. In the 2nd option you can play mini-games such as hitting the buttons that appear on the screen at the right time, trying to finish a race before running out of fuels, playing tag with another car, etc.

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