Cabela's Trophy Bucks - Playstation 2

Cabela's Trophy Bucks - Playstation 2

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Cabela's Trophy Bucks has the player travel to 24 different hunting hot spots in North America in an attempt to hunt down big game such as Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer along with small game such as rabbits and squirrels. Waterfowl birds such as ducks along with birds like quail are also available for hunting using a variety of weapons ranging from the powerful 30.06, small arms such as pistols and powerful shotguns.

There are 96 different hunting missions to hunt in as well as 24 different hunting competitions to compete in. There are also five different career hunting slams where players hunt several different species in the course of a week. Players can also use authentic Cabela's equipment, ranging from tree stands, buck and doe calls and attractants.

Additionally, the player must also adhere to real-life hunting regulations such as bag limits, time of hunting as well as restrictions on hunting certain species. If a player shoots a protected species or an out of season animal, the player will be penalized and if they continue, the level as well as the game will end for the player.

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