Cabela's North American Adventures - Nintendo Wii

Cabela's North American Adventures - Nintendo Wii

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Bring your A-game on this hunt - you’re on camera. In Cabela's® North American Adventures your search for trophy game is captured on film as an expert cameraman records your adventures. It’s hunting taken to the extreme with record-class opportunities in situations meant only for the pros. To make the hunt even more challenging, you not only have to wait for the right gun or bow shot opportunity; you must make sure the cameraman perfectly frames the action. You’ll hunt more than 30 game species across ten North American regions from Alaska to Mexico. Use cover and stealth to close the distance on elusive trophies, and expert duck calling in an action-packed mallard hunt. When your trophy’s down, relive the moment by watching an exciting video of the hunt’s highlights. Also featured are arcade-style shooting galleries and a Big Trophy Tournament where your persistence and skill as a hunter can help you bring down record-sized racks..

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