Buzz The Mega Quiz - Playstation 2

Buzz The Mega Quiz - Playstation 2

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Buzz! The Mega Quiz is the fourth game in the Buzz! series, and like the previous games in the series, must be played using special USB 'buzzer' controllers instead of the regular controller. The game is sold both with and without these 'buzzers', and there are four buzzer controllers per set. This means that, using the PS2's two USB connections, up to eight players can play at once.

The game takes place as a game show, in which contestants must answer questions on a variety of categories (this game, unlike the others in the series, combines music, sports and general knowledge) spread over various different rounds. The game features regular questions, as well as picture, video and sound clips.

There are several custom modes available, that allow you to create the perfect quiz by taking out the rounds you don't want to play. A single-player mode is also available.

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