Brunswick Pro Bowling - Playstation 2

Brunswick Pro Bowling - Playstation 2

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Brunswick Pro Bowling is a bowling simulation game. In Career mode, after creating an avatar, players compete against the computer to work their way up from amateur to professional. The player character will increase in skill (e.g. strength, accuracy) and earn money while playing. This money can be used to buy clothing or a new bowling ball, which also affects skill. Quick Play mode, as the name suggests, allows for a quick round of bowling for one to four players.

Making a throw is a little bit different depending on the platform the game is played on. Lining up on the alley to decide the direction of the ball stays the same, but on PlayStation 2 and PSP it's also necessary to set its spin. The next step is rolling the ball. On the Wii this is done by swinging the Wiimote and releasing the trigger button, where the speed of the release determines the spin of the ball. In the other versions a sickle-shaped meter is shown; pulling down on the analog stick sets the accuracy, and pushing it forward the strength of the release..

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