Bravo Air Race - Playstation 1

Bravo Air Race - Playstation 1

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In this air racing game, players race planes in an attempt to be first at the finish line. First they get to choose a plane, with each plane having their own ratings in max speed, acceleration, and mobility. The types of planes include a Lightning, Mustang, Thunderbolt, Corsair, Zero Fighter, Sinden, Messerschmitt, Spitfire, Gee Bee, Pitts, plus a few planes which have to be unlocked to use. They also can choose whether they want to fly the planes with automatic or manual transmission. They can choose to race in 4 different courses, which are the easy difficulty rated Mountain, the normal difficulty rated South City, or either of the hard difficulty rated Canyon or Snow Land course.

When the race starts, players compete against 11 other planes. Players can view the plane they're flying while racing or they can choose to view the race from inside their cockpit. Players can turn a guide option on or off, with the guide being on, it helps the player stay on course and not fly out of bound by placing a trail to follow. Players also have to get to each course's checkpoints before a timer counts down to zero. If the player makes it to a checkpoint on time, their time is extended so they can get to the next one. During a race, players may see an S icon that when touched will give the player's plane a temporary burst of speed. Planes also can perform aerobatic rolls to quickly get out of danger. If a plane crashes, the players starts where they crashed, but costs them precious amounts of time. If players don't make it to the checkpoint on time, the race is over.

The game also features a 2 player mode where 2 players race against each other while in split-screen. There is also a time attack mode where the player can fly the courses by themselves and try to complete laps as fast as possible and finish a course in as little time as possible.

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