Bravely Default - Nintendo 3DS

Bravely Default - Nintendo 3DS

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Bravely Default is a role-playing game that follows the adventures of four heroes in the world of Luxendarc, as they journey to find and awaken four elemental crystals: wind, water, fire, and earth. The party consists of Tiz Arrior, a young man whose village was destroyed by a Great Chasm; Agnès Oblige, the Wind Crystal vestal who seeks to awaken all four crystals at the urging of her cryst-fairy companion Airy; Ringabel, a devil-may-care cad with amnesia; and Edea Lee, a former Sky Knight who turned against her country and comrades in order to assist Agnès with her quest.

The game is considered a "traditional" Japanese RPG in that it sticks to classic mechanics such as accumulation of experience points, the equipping of weapons and armor, item usage, and turn-based combat. Bravely Default is heavily influenced by the Final Fantasy series, to the point where various spells and items are named identically to those in Final Fantasy (like Fire, Fira, and Firaga, or Phoenix Downs), and similar job classes. Bravely Default uses a job system where the characters are assigned a job class, and they earn "Job Points" in battle which go toward leveling up that character in that particular job. Each level brings with it new skills for the characters to use; the maximum job level is 14. Each job has a default ability assigned to the character while they hold that job; a secondary ability can also be selected from among the other jobs that have been unlocked. Skills can be equipped cross-job for each character as well. To unlock a job, the player must defeat an antagonist with that job class, either in the main story or through a side-quest.

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