Boxing Legends of the Ring - Super Nintendo

Boxing Legends of the Ring - Super Nintendo

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Boxing Legends of the Ring lets you take control of eight middleweight legends of boxing, Roberto DuranTommy "Hitman" DuranJake "Raging Bull" La MottaRocky Graziano"Sugar" Ray Robinson"Sugar" Ray Leonard"Marveleous" Marvin Hagler and James Toney. You can either compete in an exhibition mode or play in career mode and become the greatest of all time.

The set of punches in the game is pretty much standard, jab, hook, uppercut, even the ever popular but illegal low blow. Also, for each round and every knockdown you score on an opponent, you get a super punch, a straight shot to the face and is almost unstoppable and connected right could knock out your opponent, but if you miss, you lose your punch for the round.

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