Bomberman Jetters - Gamecube

Bomberman Jetters - Gamecube

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Bomberman is back in his second game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Jetters features a single-player campaign and the fan-favorite multiplayer battles. In the single-player game, players take on the roles of Bomberman and Max. Your goal is to stop the Hige Hige Bandits who plan to destroy Planet Bomber by crashing an artificial comet, Dark Star, into it. In this platforming quest, you will be aided by your use of bombs, and by Charaboms, creatures that you find that have their own special abilities that will help you progress through the game. After feeding a Charabom it will evolve, which will then make it more powerful. There are many types of Bombs and Charaboms to find throughout the single-player adventure.

Jetters also contains the classic Bomberman 4-player battles in which you and up to 3 friends basically blast each other with bombs until only 1 Bomberman remains. There is a revenge feature that keeps you in the action even after you lose. If you get blown up by a bomb, you appear on the exterior of the arena and can shoot bombs at players in the game, making sure that you can always be a part of the action.

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