Bolt - Nintendo DS

Bolt - Nintendo DS

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The DS version of Bolt is different from the main console and PC version. It is also a 3D action game and just like the other version it does not follow the events of the movie but instead focuses on the fictional TV series that is set inside the film. The player needs to complete different missions for the show, controlling Bolt (who gets the main focus) and/or Penny. The TV series focuses on the evil character Mr. Calico who has kidnapped Penny's dad and attempts to destroy Earth with missiles. The game is played on the bottom screen and the top screen shows the name of the current missions, elapsed time and mission progress. The game is played in 3D, but generally there is always a linear progression to the right, while characters can move around in any direction in the environment during fights. Characters have a health bar and a separate bar for powers. The DS version uses on-screen text and no voice acting unlike the other version.

Bolt uses attacks and different super powers such as a sonic bark to attack. Penny has a wheel bar to fight and she can also use it to zip along edges and scale buildings. By beating opponents it is possible to collect energy bits. These are used to level up and access improved abilities and new combos by spending them in three areas: damage, armor, and energy expense (Bolt) / wheel-bar speed (Penny). Characters attack and jump using buttons and the touch screen is used for special attacks, which are unique for each character. Bolt's other powers such as laser vision and super strength are only used for solving minor environment based puzzles. When using laser vision objects can be pierced in specific locations by tracing an outline on the touch screen. There are also platforming sections, but the game does not let characters fall off ledges and jumps can only be performed when lined up correctly. Every now and then a boss needs to be defeated and optionally enemies can be skipped to complete levels.

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