Blacksad: Under the Skin - Playstation 4

Blacksad: Under the Skin - Playstation 4

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John Blacksad, a New York black cat P.I. in early years after the World War II. Counting minutes, waiting for the next gig, and then she comes in. A purr-fect feline dame with a sad expression on her face, accompanied by a heavy category bodyguard gorilla, Jake Ostiombe. Now Jake was an old friend, but the feline beauty, Sonia, is a client. Her father, Joe Dunn, an owner of a boxing gym has been found dead. He was found hanging one morning in the middle of his boxing ring by none other than the maid, Mary Purnell. The police is suspecting a suicide, but Blacksad isn't so convinced after only a few looks around the murder scene. So what seemed like a slam-dunk easy case that only needed confirmation turns into elaborate ruse of conspiracies involving drugs, blackmails, money, and hired guns. Once again, Blacksad is going to have earn his paycheck the hard way, but that's what he signed up when he decided to become a private investigator.

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