Big Mountain 2000 - Nintendo 64

Big Mountain 2000 - Nintendo 64

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Big Mountain 2000 is a sports game where you can choose to race with either a snowboard or a pair of skis. There are six characters (plus three unlockable) to choose from, each with different skills and three modes in total —two of them are single-player and the other one is a multiplayer one.

  • Championship: in Championship you can select one of the available players and choose the style you want —ski or snowboard. You can also change each player’s equipment which includes ski/snowboard and clothes. The game also lets you choose in which stage you want to compete and the race type you want to play. 
  • 2P Battle: in 2P Battle two human players can compete in any of the Free Ride/Slalom/Giant Slalom races. It is possible to either choose a player from the game or load a previously saved player data from a Controller Pak. There are also no restrictions on the style each player will choose. For example one may choose to play with a skier and the other with a snowboarder.
  • Time Attack: there is no other competition in this mode than between you and time.


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