Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure  - Xbox 360

Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure - Xbox 360

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Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure is a game designed for the Kinect motion peripheral that offers different types of games based on a licensed property, similar to Kinect Disneyland Adventures the year before. Instead of a theme park, various mini-games are offered based on five Pixar movies: CarsThe IncrediblesRatatouilleToy Story, and Up!, with several levels for each. At the start of the game an avatar is created based on a face scan with various options and accessories to customize the appearance. The avatar is then adapted to the protagonist for the games: with a superhero costume in The Incredibles, as the explorer in Up!, a toy robot in Toy Story, a rat in Ratatouille and a car in Cars. The different games are accessed from a central hub called Pixar Park and levels are started by talking to the kids there.

Most games are played from a third-person perspective with a similar control mechanism. Moving forward is done by swinging your arms as if running. Turning is done by turning a shoulder in the desired direction. Levels generally consist of platform courses that need to be completed while avoiding obstacles (also by jumping) and defeating enemies. To avoid tiredness there are many ski-like sections where the character moves forward constantly and the player only needs to tilt to steer. Certain levels have minor puzzle sections where projectiles can be thrown. Other sequences have the character balance on balls, go down zip lines, jump platforms, freefall down tubes and defeat foes by throwing items. In the Cars driving sequences the player holds out his arms as if holding a steering wheel.

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