Big Buck Hunter Pro - Nintendo Wii

Big Buck Hunter Pro - Nintendo Wii

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Big Buck Hunter Pro is an arcade style hunting game. Based on a new platform, it features a two-player simultaneous “Shootout” mode with improved graphics. Rather than selecting a region like in its predecessors, you begin by selecting the type of animal you want to hunt. At the beginning the choice stands between whitetail deer, elk, prong horn antelope, big horn sheep and moose where the choice takes you to the various locations in North America.

There are a number of "critters" that run through the hunting scene that give points, twelve in total including squirrel, rabbit, possum and mountain lion.
Every few rounds there is a bonus round that include artificial targets, hunting birds, such as duck and pheasant, frogs, gerbils, boars and there is even a cow abducting UFO round where the objective is to shoot as many UFO's as possible.

Like in previous games you only shoot the males (bucks and bulls), shooting a female animal (does and cows) results in a miss. Longer distance and more accurate shots give higher scores.

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