Battlefield: Hardline - Playstation 3

Battlefield: Hardline - Playstation 3

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Battlefield Hardline is a first-person shooter and the first game in the series to focus on urban crime instead of military warfare. The game is done by a different developer and the single-player portion of the game is split up into ten episodes modeled after an episodic TV series format, including a preview of the next episode at the end and a recap of the previous one when starting a new episode.

The game is set in Miami, Los Angeles, the deserts in California and many other locations around the world. They often offer a sandbox-like approach with multiple, non-linear options to complete objectives. The protagonist is the young detective Nicholas Mendoza who follows a drug supply chain with his partner Khai Minh Dao. The game mixes classic first-person shooter mechanics with non-lethal actions to resemble a realistic police approach, including stealth and the ability to hold criminals at gunpoint and flash a badge to perform an arrest rather than shooting them. The latter is also rewarded with more points. When enemies operate in groups it is often possible to lure one away. As a detective Mendoza can also use a scanner to locate evidence. These lead to separate cases that can be solved and clues are often divided over multiple episodes. When a case is solved a short conclusion cut-scene is shown, some more of the background story is revealed, and a new weapon or item is provided as a reward. The weapons in the single-player part are generally lighter than usual for the series. The pistol is the primary weapon and more powerful ones are generally unlockable assault rifles rather than military-grade machine guns. Throwables such as grenades are also not used. A taser can be used to subdue suspects without killing them. These are presented as Open Warrants, optional objectives to arrest with specific characters who also often carry evidence.

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