Battle Stations - Playstation 1

Battle Stations - Playstation 1

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This naval combat game feature a 1 and 2 player game. The 1 player game is split between either Arcade or Campaign mode. The 2 player game is split between Arcade or War Games mode.

The Campaign mode features 50 missions with objectives such as eliminating enemy supply convoys or carrying out a full scale assault on an opponent's homeland. The player then selects the admiral they want to fight in the battle. There are 5 opposing admirals and each admiral has their own set of skills on how they wage war.

The Arcade mode lets 1 or 2 players choose their ship and then have a 1 on 1 ship battle. Players earn points for sinking their opponent's ships which will allow them to climb 10 naval ranks all the way from Ensign to Fleet Admiral.

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