BASS Strike - Playstation 2

BASS Strike - Playstation 2

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BASS Strike was the first bass fishing title to hit the PlayStation 2 and features a license from the B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society). The player can choose from six different anglers and fish on several different lakes, each with their own "hot spots". There are 36 authentic lures to choose from including real equipment and with the B.A.S.S. license, the Bass Master Classic is available to compete in with the authentic rules and regulations provided if the player qualifies through eight tournaments.

The fish react realistically to their real world counterparts along with variable weather conditions that can either help or hamper the player's chances when fishing. There is also an underwater camera for when the player casts their line and features commentary by B.A.S.S. legend, Shaw Grigsby.

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