Backyard Football 2006 - Playstation 2

Backyard Football 2006 - Playstation 2

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Backyard Football 2006 is the fourth installment of the Backyard Football series, and this time it brings the game into a fully 3D environment for PC players. Choose from one of 32 teams from the National Football League, or create your own custom team to play with. Draft various characters onto your team, ranging from the Backyard kids to junior versions of popular NFL pros.

Playing in either Single Game or Season Play, the goal of the game is to try to score more than your opponent before the timer runs out. Controls are still as simple as a click of a mouse, but there are new controller options to suit your play style such as the keyboard or even a game pad. Work on the best strategies to outsmart the opponent with tackles, all new power-ups, and touchdowns.

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