Backyard Baseball 10 - Nintendo Wii

Backyard Baseball 10 - Nintendo Wii

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Backyard Baseball '10 is a baseball game that features all 30 Major League Baseball teams as well as 11 "Backyard" teams (6 in the DS version). The player can pick a team, players and one of the 12 different fields to play on. The game combines traditional baseball mechanics such as pitching and batting with the ability to use power-ups.

Some of the power-ups include:

  • Screaming Liner - The ball is hit so hard it screams
  • Orbiter - The ball cannot be hit any harder; almost a guaranteed home run when hit
  • Popcorn Bunt - Confuse the defense by making a bunch of other balls appear on the field
  • Slime Ball - The ball is covered in goop and no one can catch it or throw it
  • Free Radical - The ball bounces around a few times, making it really hard to catch
  • Teleporter - The ball teleports on the field a few times before stopping somewhere on the field
  • Static Zing - The ball is electric and will shock the first person to touch it
  • Meteor Ball - The ball is thrown so fast that it's hard to see!

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