Babysitting Mama - Nintendo Wii

Babysitting Mama - Nintendo Wii

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Babysitting Mama is an entry in the Mama series where the player has to take care of a baby through different mini-games. The game comes optionally with a plush baby doll (also available separately) with a gap in the back where the Wii Remote can be inserted. The Wii Remote is then connected to the Nunchuck so the game recognizes movement of the doll combined with the analog stick and buttons of the Nunchuk for the main controls. It is also possible to play without the doll.

The game progresses through many different mini-games such as taking pictures of the baby, feeding, washing, burping, rocking it to sleep, changing diapers, playing with a seesaw or a mobile, stopping it from crying etc. Each mini-game has a different lay-out and controls, often based on timing correctly with room for a few mistakes. Based on the final result a bronze, silver or gold medal is awarded. If the movement of the plush doll is too violent, the game pauses briefly and displays a warning. There are multiple environment such as inside the house or outside in the park. There are six babies to choose from, unlocked gradually: Daniel, Emma, Koyuki, Lucy, William and Yuto, each with their own baby book with six pages to unlock.

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