B-17: Fortress in the Sky - Nintendo DS

B-17: Fortress in the Sky - Nintendo DS

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B-17: Fortress in the Sky has the player join the air war over Germany during World War II in the autumn of 1944. The B-17 Flying Fortress "Lucky 25" has just completed its 24 mission successfully and now needs to do one more before turning home. The way back to the States will be long, as 25 missions above countries such as France, The Netherlands and Germany need to be completed first, controlling the crew of the aircraft.

The game can be played in two modes: Novice (3 additional bombers in reserve and automatic tracking of enemy aircraft) or Ace (2 additional bombers in reserve, manual gunner views and more damage). Before each mission, a short briefing is given by a commander where the goals are explained, with primary and secondary targets. The screens show the gameplay, as well as a status area (position in the B-17, sustained damage, remaining aircraft in reserve and the navigator's map where all the targets and artillery are shown).

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