ATV Offroad Fury Pro - Playstation Portable (PSP)

ATV Offroad Fury Pro - Playstation Portable (PSP)

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ATV Offroad Fury Pro is an offroad racing game which was released alongside with ATV Offroad Fury 4. Besides the expected ATV (all-terrain vehicles) there are also a variety of other vehicles to race with, e.g. trucks or bikes, which is the foundation of the career mode: participating in a string of championships which are divided in vehicle type and difficulty. Upgrades and additional vehicles are purchased with credits which can be earned in a number of ways: besides price money for winning races, credits are also awarded for performing stunts. There are also three sponsors which offer free upgrades and/or credits for fulfilling their demands regarding performance and stunt rating, but they should be hired with caution because a big penalty is assigned for missed goals. The available types of races are Supercross, Rallycross, National, Freestyle, Circuit, Endurcross, Rally and Snowcross.

Besides a basic course editor and multiplayer for up to four players (which is also the maximum number of racers in single-player) there are also connectivity features with ATV Offroad Fury 4 which allow to exchange courses/vehicles and access a shared online community.

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