Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Trilogy - Nintendo Switch

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Trilogy - Nintendo Switch

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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a must-have collection that delivers Apollo Justice™: Ace Attorney™, Phoenix Wright™: Ace Attorney™ – Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright™: Ace Attorney™ – Spirit of Justice in one package to consoles and PC. In these visual novel-style Ace Attorney™ cases, players take on the role of fan-favorite defense attorneys Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright, and Athena Cykes, who are all determined to prove their clients’ innocence and bring justice to the court by using their logic, deduction, and sleuthing skills! Players can experience Apollo’s trials and tribulations with brand new features coming to the courtroom!


  • Courtroom Cases Now Made for Consoles - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be available on numerous platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Steam for the first time ever. The new release will feature improved resolution (HD), smoother animations, and a 16:9 aspect ratio for the entire collection. Additionally, a newly created UI will be added to fit modern screen sizes, and enhanced menu and system features offer a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing single-screen interface!
  • Newly Added Features for a More In Depth Gameplay Experience - The collection will have a new and intuitive design that allows players to experience the game’s story mode in an exciting and more in-depth way. With the back log feature, players can review any dialogue they may have missed, and they can freely choose which game, chapter, or section they want to start from or revisit as well!
  • A Collection of Special Items for Dedicated Defense Attorneys - The collection includes special items that will have attorneys excited to fight for justice! Experience a luxurious way to relive key courtroom moments with the Orchestra Hall, which includes select tracks from past Ace Attorney Orchestra Concerts and animated Chibi characters playing along to the music. Take a peek behind the scenes in the Art Gallery filled with a collection of over 500 pieces of art, illustrations, background music, and other documents. Finally, experience fan favorite characters in an all-new way with their well-known actions and gestures, voice lines, and special cutscene only animations in the Animation Studio Players can also look forward to revisiting previously released paid DLC from the respective titles within the collection!

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