AMF Bowling Pinbusters! - Nintendo Wii

AMF Bowling Pinbusters! - Nintendo Wii

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AMF Bowling Pinbusters! is simply put a bowling game for the Wii. You use the Wii remote as if it were the bowling ball. You take to the lanes with 8 playable characters in 7 stages. Each character has their own personality that you see at the end of their throws. Each stage is set to represent a particular area that you would be bowling in.

As far as modes go, there is bowl now, tournament, mini games, and options. Bowl now lets you play a quick game of bowling with up to 4 players, both human and AI controlled. Tournament mode is always set in a bracket of 8 players, with AI characters filling in every open slot. There are two mini games, Pool (where you bowl into another bowling ball) and obstacle (where your lane is blocked here and there). Options lets you adjust the volume and clothes of the characters, as well as the volume of the music.

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