American Idol - Playstation 2

American Idol - Playstation 2

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American Idol is a rhythm game based on the reality TV singing competition of the same name.

Players can create characters of either gender, choosing from several character templates, and then customizing them with body size, skin color, and one of three singing voices per gender.

Created characters can then be taken through the game's various modes. In the main Competition mode, players move through different stages patterned after the TV series, from auditions to shows with a live audience and hopefully the finals. Between performances, outfit, hair style and color and make up can be customized, since not only the singing but also the style will be judged.

Playing the actual game involves a target on the screen into which symbols move in from four directions. The correct button has to be pressed in rhythm with the music when the appropriate symbol reaches the center. Besides single presses there are also connected symbols where the button has to be held and released or two buttons have to be pressed at the same time. The game also supports dance mats as an alternate type of control. Each symbol hit or not hit is graded according to the timing. Missing or hitting symbols off-sync will lead to the vocal track becoming increasingly off-key and will make it much harder to get into the next round. Completing the different stages of the competition unlocks bonus costumes as well as sets that can be used in the game's other modes.

Besides the Competition, there is the Rehearsal mode in which songs can be practiced without judges. The Jukebox mode allows simple playback of songs, while Karaoke mode allows players to actually sing along to songs. There is no scoring included, but it's possible for other players to judge the performance afterwards. Party mode enables up to four players to engage in a small competition, with players allowed to judge each other.

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