American Football - MPT-03 - Complete

American Football - MPT-03 - Complete

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American Football is a sports simulation game for two players only. The action starts with a kick-off, after which the side receiving the ball tries to run down the field avoiding being tackled by the defensive team. The offensive team runs interference. The ball may be passed between players, or kicked towards the goal line. After a tackle, the offensive team goes into a huddle, a "play" is picked, and the quarterback receives the ball and tries once again to break through the defensive line. During play, the team members can all be moved at once, or individuals may be moved separately.

The offensive team receives 7 points for a touchdown, 3 for a field goal, or 2 for a safety (if the player with the ball is tackled in his own end-zone). However, after four failed tries, or if the ball is dropped during a pass, play is passed to the other team who makes their own attempt to score. An entire game is played in 15 minutes.

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