Alekhine's Gun - Playstation 4

Alekhine's Gun - Playstation 4

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Alekhine's Gun is a stealth game and the spiritual successor to the Death to Spies series. The protagonist is still the same, KGB colonel Semyon Strogov, now operating under the codename Agent Alekhine. The game starts on 22nd November 1963, the day president Kennedy was shot, and Semyon prepares to commit suicide as his wife and daughter were killed the same day. From KGB during World War II he became an agent working for the CIA and the first mission is a flashback to an infiltration in Bergen in September 1943. It explains how he first met the CIA agent Vincent Rambaldi who eventually turned him into joining the CIA. Unlike the first two games set during World War II, this game is based on the spy fiction during the Cold War in the early sixties. There are eleven missions in total, each one as a flashback at very different locations, such as a hotel, a fire station, aboard an aircraft carrier and locations all over the world such as Norway and Cuba, and cities like Miami, a biker bar in rural Texas or Chinatown. The plot focuses on a power struggle inside the CIA where certain forces aim to bring down the American government and steer towards an all out nuclear war.

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