Akiba's Trip Undead And Undressed - Playstation 3

Akiba's Trip Undead And Undressed - Playstation 3

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Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed is a 3D fighting brawler set in a modern day version of Japan's Akihabara district in Tokyo. It is the sequel to the 2011 PSP game Akiba's Trip. The protagonist is called Nanashi or 'Nameless', but this can be changed before starting the game. He is an otaku-type high school student who is on his way to a job interview. He does not remember what happens next, but he ends up strapped on an operating table where he is told that just like many others he has signed a contract with the Magaimono organization. This contract allowed them to turn him into a synthister, a vampire-like superhuman that feeds off other people's life energy. He needs to absorb the energy for Magaimono, but he is quickly rescued by a girl called Shizuku Tokikaze. She is a friendly synthister and her blood allows the protagonist to withstand his task and defend Akihabara instead.

He becomes a hunter to defeat the synthisters who prey on regular humans. Along with a band of freedom fighters Nanashi gets to roam the streets of Akihabara with over 100 shops modeled after the real life ones. Fights are done with brawling beat 'em up gameplay against one or more opponents in a small environment. Just like the protagonist himself the synthisters are sensitive to sunlight, so he needs to weaken the durability of their clothing with attacks until a part starts to blink and then there is an opportunity to tear off one or multiple parts of their clothing through a stripping mechanic, exposing them to sunlight which kills them. When multiple parts blink it is possible to perform chain strips. Rather than being a hentai title, the game presents the undressing in a quirky manner and does not contain full nudity. In the fighting system it is possible to attack using multiple stances and perform duo attacks with allies. Attacks are based on targeting the head and the upper and lower body. They can be strung together to form combos and there are many types of weapons, that can be upgraded multiple times, each with their own attacks, strengths and weaknesses. The character is also able to jump, avoid incoming attacks and counter blocks with special moves that break them.

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