ABC Monday Night Football - Super Nintendo

ABC Monday Night Football - Super Nintendo

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ABC Monday Night Football is a football game licensed from the television presentation of the same name. It features the likeness of broadcaster Frank Gifford and the logo of a popular sports drink, but has no league license, so features generic team names with made-up logos and player names.

The two main playing modes are pre-season exhibition games and a full season. 28 teams are available, and it is possible to rename teams and players and even create custom teams. A two-player mode for versus games is also available.

During games, a standard behind-the-quarterback view of the field is used. The playbook consists of 10 plays. Controls differ from the norm established by other games in that button-tapping increases the power of kicks and running speed during rushing and defense. The game automatically saves impressive plays as replays that can later be watched from the menu.

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