Street Fighter V Arcade Fightstick - Playstation 3

Street Fighter V Arcade Fightstick - Playstation 3

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Dominate your every round with the Mad Catz SFV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2+ (TE2+). This official arcade stick is built with premium quality Sanwa Denshi parts for durability and accurate response to your every move. You'll quickly experience the major difference from a traditional controller, courtesy of the ball-top lever and reasonable spacing between buttons that give you more combat edge. Removable bezel and top panel allow for creating a custom arcade stick with unique artwork. This model works with both PS3 and PS4, with a built-in touchpad that offers full functionality as that on the PS4 controller. Moreover, this arcade stick supports many other types of games, with the lever able to operate as Left or Right Analog Stick or D-Pad, thus you can enjoy your favorites titles in more arcade style.

  • The Street Fighter V TE2+ uses the very same parts found in Japanese arcade cabinets. Sanwa parts are built to last and can endure the abuse dished out during fierce battles, and OBSF-30 action buttons respond with pinpoint accuracy. A Vewlix-style layout gives you classic ergonomics and full access to an arsenal of moves. And, the Sanwa JLF ball-top stick is the benchmark for precision character control.
  • Mad Catz’ Tournament Edition 2+ opens up for access to inner storage and components. Dedicated storage compartments give you space for your extra tools and parts.
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