Gameshark - Game Boy

Gameshark - Game Boy

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Manipulate games in your favor. Use such cheats as infinite lives and all weapons. You can even skip entire game levels. The shark has easy setup and special cable and PC software to let you download codes directly from any PC to your unit.

Every time you get stuck on a level, can't beat a difficult boss, or run out of ammunition, GameShark is there for you. This game-enhancing accessory gives you access to hidden internal cheat codes that programmers put in so they can quickly test the game. Codes include infinite health, infinite lives, all weapons, all characters, all vehicles, and more. Manufacturers are continually making new codes for upcoming games available, and the included PC software and USB link cable make it easy for you to download codes directly to the GameShark. The product comes preloaded with codes for several launch titles.


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