Monster Jam - Xbox 360

Monster Jam - Xbox 360

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Monster Jam is a monster truck racing game based on the existing TV-show under the same name, which also incorporates a series of live events hosted by Live Nation. Unlike previous games of Monster Jam franchise, Monster Jam includes 20 pre-existing trucks licensed specifically for the game by USHRA (United States Hot Rod Association). The game includes such well-known monster trucks as Destroyer, Bounty Hunter, Blue Thunder, Captain's Cruise, it's previous identity - Bulldozer and probably two of the most alleged kings of all monster trucks - Maximum Destruction, the winner of seven Monster Jam World Finals and Grave Digger, one of the most influential monster trucks of all time .

At the beginning of the game only a small amount of trucks and tracks is available for choosing. The player is encouraged to participate in various events to attain career points which will unlock new items. The amount of points given depend on the player's performance in the following events:

  • Freestyle - a classic monster truck challenge involves free-riding at the arena performing different stunts and interacting with the surrounding environment in the most destructive way possible. In this challenge it is advisable to "keep the action going" until the time runs out. Also, a combo of different stunts in a succession will result in magnifying the score.
  • Track Circuit - an offroad lap-based racing through various types of countryside.
  • Eliminator - is the classic knock-out race in which each lap eliminates the last truck to complete it.
  • Stadium Circuit - is the same as Track Circuit with the action taking the place in the arena, and not at outdoors locations and the trucks competing at different tracks separated from each other.
  • Stadium Racing - is a drag racing challenge in which players should boost their maximum speed in order to arrive first at the finish of a short un-circled track.

Once the sufficient number points is achieved the player will be allowed to participate in Monster Jam World Finals to prove his right to be the ultimate champion of Monster Jam.

The game makes heavy emphasis on it's fully destructible levels. Nearly everything player meets on the track may be crushed, moved or destroyed. The game encourages such kind of behavior by issuing additional points and allowing player to use "nitro boost" for a prolonged amount of time.

The game may be played in two difficulty modes: "Normal" - is enough for everyone, while "Pro" is meant for die-hard Monster Truck enthusiasts only.

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