Make My Video: INXS - Sega CD

Make My Video: INXS - Sega CD

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Make My Video: INXS is a video game based on real-time editing of music video footage. The setup is that a pair of female friends is hanging around a bar and monopolizing the pool table. The game explores the duo's interpersonal interactions with other patrons at the bar: There's the Fly, an aloof cool guy; Ted and Gomez, braindead surfer dudes trying to pick up the ladies, and who are thinly-veiled parodies of Bill & Ted; Poindexter, the nerd who is also trying to work up the courage to talk to the women; and Flo and Tiger, a pair of leather-clad tough chicks whose interest is beating the main subjects of the game so that they can control the bar music and play their Megadeth videotape. Each person or pair has own their ideas about what an ideal INXS video should or should not contain. The specifications normally come in the form of a set of pictures they either do or don't want to see, and perhaps some effects. The game features three INXS videos from which to choose: "Heaven Sent", "Not Enough Time", and "Baby Don’t Cry".


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