Ploid - Sega Dreamcast

Ploid - Sega Dreamcast

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Ploid is a classic retro adventure game ported to the Dreamcast. Play and explore the lost temples in order to gain the sacred disc files and become the ultimate Ploid X of the galaxy!

The Ploids have formed the patrol that protects time and space to avoid repeating the story with Dr. Elo. Omega must travel to the sacred ruins in search of the sacred disks files that contain the necessary information to be able to take the final step and evolve.

This special Dreamcast Edition takes you on a Mega Man inspired classic side scrolling adventure!


  • 8 worlds full of exploration and secrets!
  • Dangerous traps and monsters
  • Story Mode
  • EX-Mode
  • 8bit music by David Ko
  • Supports HDMI & VGA Cables


Pixel Heart Dreamcast Series games are produced with the leading standard of the industry. Using media production factories, high quality packaging and professional printers to create products just like they were released in 1999! While these games are not licensed or endorsed by Sega they are Licensed by the software rights holder and manufactured on to media for consumer production and not indie homebrews.

This is produced on MIL-CD, while the majority of Dreamcast consoles are compatible with MIL based media some of the units in the very last productions are unable to read the media. This can be identified by reading production date information system label on the underside of the console. Units with a production date on or after November 2000 may not be compatible with this product.

Disclaimer: The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product received.

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