4 Game Fun Pack: Monopoly / Boggle / Yahtzee / Battleship - Nintendo DS

4 Game Fun Pack: Monopoly / Boggle / Yahtzee / Battleship - Nintendo DS

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A compilation of four of Hasbro's licensed games, Monopoly / Boggle/ Yahtzee / Battleship may be played in single player mode against computer opponents, or in wireless multi-player mode with other people. Multi-player mode consists of up to four people; each having their own cartridge, or single-card play, one player with a game card, and each player with a DS (this mode only works with Battleship and Boggle). "Hot Seat" mode is also available, with one DS and one cartridge with people taking turns, passing it to the next person when their turn is finished. Monopoly, Yahtzee and Battleship also appeared on different compilations for the Gameboy Advance.


Players take turns buying, auctioning, and trading property, receive money by passing GO, collecting rent and drawing the appropriate Chance and Community Chest cards, and win the game by being the remaining player left without going bankrupt. Two to four people may play, and you may play the game using Standard Rules, or Custom Rules, adjusting the amount of Luxury and Income Tax, starting cash, and whether or not you collect double salary for landing on the GO space. You may adjust the computer difficulty level in single player mode.

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