MC Groovz Dance Craze - Gamecube

MC Groovz Dance Craze - Gamecube

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MC Groovz Dance Craze is the first Dance Dance Revolution-style dancing game for the GameCube, designed for publisher Mad Catz' dance mat controller.

The game includes 28 licensed dance tracks, ranging from 70s funk and disco to modern hip hop, pop and electro. Game modes include single-player "Just Dance" (for high score) and "Dance Workout" (with a calorie instead of a score counter) and two-player "Dance Together" (cooperative) and "Dance FaceOff" (competitive).

The game includes two different gameplay styles: "Scroll" follows the DDR model of vertically-scrolling arrows representing steps to be made on the mat (or buttons to be pressed on the controller) once they reach a line on the screen in rhythm with the music. "Spin" shows the arrows emerging from the center of the screen moving in the four compass directions instead. The background in both consists of a psychedelic color display. Three difficulty modes are available and high scores can be saved to memory card.

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