Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX - Game Boy Advance

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX - Game Boy Advance

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Developer HotGen's adaptation of Activision's Tony-Hawk-style BMX game for the Game Boy Advance is based on the design of their earlier GBC version, offering mostly the same game modes but in different and larger levels, and adding two-player modes for the first time.

Players can select from the same eight professional BMX riders as in the console and GBC versions, each with different stats and signature moves. The training section is as comprehensive as on GBC: in 19 levels, basic riding and all manners of tricks, grinds, and combos are taught. The main Career mode consists of six levels. To unlock later levels, magazine covers must be collected, which is done by achieving specific goals in each level, all within a time limit: this includes reaching several different high scores ("high", "pro", and "sick"), collecting the letters T-R-I-C-K, finding secret covers hidden in the levels, and performing specific tricks, combos, or consecutive tricks without any bails in-between. The final level is a competition level where there are no goals to be completed or magazine covers to be won: medals are awarded instead for the best scores.

The same levels as in Career mode are used in Tournament mode, where players must impress judges to land in the top three for each level. Unlocked levels can be practised without a time limit in Free Ride mode. Time Trial mode features four special dirt track stages and consists of trying to reach the finish line within a very tight time limit: performing tricks extends the limit and is necessary to have any chance of winning.


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