Fifa Soccer 2005 - Game Boy Advance

Fifa Soccer 2005 - Game Boy Advance

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FIFA Soccer 2005 is the third appearance of the soccer franchise on the Game Boy Advance. It comes with many changes compared to its predecessor, with new modes, more teams, new control options and a new graphics engine.

All included leagues from the predecessor return, with several additions: Brazil and Mexico, plus lower-tier leagues from England, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. There are 12 "rest of the world" teams as well as 39 international teams.

Returning game modes are friendlies, link cable multiplayer, league play, and several tournaments: Americas Club Championship, International Cup and Ladder Tournament. Newly added competitions are the national cups of 16 of the included leagues. Making its first appearance on the GBA (after having been part of the console versions since FIFA 2004) is the career mode: in this mode, players take control of a single club for up to five seasons, taking the club to national and international heights. Each season has its own goals that must be met. Meeting certain conditions in games played awards manager prestige points, which result in a star rating which will improve the squad's performance.

An exclusive feature not seen in the console versions are the challenges. There are comeback challenges and rout challenges, each presenting a certain situation from a real game, asking the player to recreate or improve upon the real results. Playing through all pre-set challenges unlocks the custom challenge editor, which allows the player to create any situation.

The game employs a new 3D graphics engine that allows for variable camera perspectives. During normal gameplay, an overhead view similar to those of the previous games is maintained, but there is a choice of three different zoom levels. Penalties, corner kicks and instant replays place the camera in appropriate spots.

Controls have become more complex with the addition of the left shoulder button as a modifier, which allows for through ball and 1-2 pass plays on offense and last man back and goalkeeper charges on defense.


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