Atari: Anniversary Advance - Game Boy Advance

Atari: Anniversary Advance - Game Boy Advance

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In the tradition of the Namco Museum series, Infogrames packs together 6 of Atari's greatest arcade achievements onto one Game Boy Advance cart. The conversions include:

    • Asteroids: pilot an upgradeable ship and blast the on-coming asteroids to pieces.

    • Battlezone: pilot a tank and shoot your way through vector-graphic bad guys.

    • Missile Command: command missile launchers and protect the Earth from asteroids, enemies and more dangers.

    • Super Breakout: classic puzzle fare, and the only non-shooter title in the set.

  • Tempest: vector-graphics space shooter.

All are down to the exact detail as in the arcade originals. Single and multiplayer options are also included, as is an extra game to play called the "Atari Trivia Challenge" which is a collection of questions dating all through the history of Atari and its list of titles throughout the 80's.


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