War of Nerves - Magnavox Odyssey 2

War of Nerves - Magnavox Odyssey 2

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This is some sort of a capture the flag game. Instead of a flag, the object is to capture the enemy general.

Two armies share the screen, the Army of Northwestonia in the upper left corner and the Army of Southeasternia in the lower right corner. The players control the general of the army with the joystick. The robots in each army are controlled by the computer, and their mission is to capture the enemy general.

The robots are armed with stunning guns, and will try to stun the enemy robots. The more robots are stunned, the faster the remaining robots will move. A general can repair his stunned robots by touching them. By pressing the action button, the general will ask the robots to follow his lead.

There are trees spread though the battlefield. Robots can't move through trees, but generals can, though they'll move slower when doing so. The position of the trees will change with each new battle.

Once one robot touches a general, he will surrender and the winning army will earn a point. A general can't capture another general. The first army to win ten battles wins the war, and a new game starts.


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