Bowling/Basketball - Magnavox Odyssey 2

Bowling/Basketball - Magnavox Odyssey 2

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Two titles are available in this cart:Bowling!*: one to four players take turns in this game. The alley is shown from a top down view and the ball moves back and forth at the foul line. The players have to press the action button to release the ball and can add an effect to it by pressing left or right on the right hand controller. Each player gets two balls per frame, except in the case of a strike. A strike scores 30 points, a spare 15 points and an open play scores one point for each pin hit. There are two game modes, League Night (selected by pressing "1"), with a slower swinging ball, and Tournament Play (selected by pressing "2"), with a faster swinging ball.

  • Basketball! (selected by pressing "3") features two players in a five minutes game. Each drop scores two points for the player. The player can move with the ball left or right, but must shoot within 8 seconds, or else the ball will automatically transfer to the other player. If the ball is shot while the other player is touching the ball, he will steal it. The player with more points when the clock reaches zero wins.


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