Baseball! - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Complete

Baseball! - Magnavox Odyssey 2 - Complete

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Baseball! follows basically the official rules of the real game. The three numbers on the scoreboard at the lower left side of the screen indicate Balls, Strikes and Outs, in that order. Players on defense can control the outfielders with the joystick. During the pitch, the joystick will control the ball's curve.

Once the batter hits the ball, the defense has to try to catch it. A ball caught on the fly is an automatic out. If it isn't caught, the outfielders have to catch it and send them to the fielders using the action and the directional stick to the desired direction.

A ball not caught on the fly will send the batter automatically to the first base. He can run to extra bases using the directional stick. A ball hit out of the park (the white line at the top of screen) is a home run and the batter will run all four bases automatically.

Three outs make teams exchange positions. The game length is nine innings, with additional innings in case of ties.

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