Freekstyle - PlayStation 2

Freekstyle - PlayStation 2

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If you've got the guts, you can grab the glory in this extreme motocross racing game from EA. Picture flying through rugged terrain with massive jumps at more than 70 miles per hour, hitting a 40-foot jump at the ledge of a 200 foot cliff and pulling a superman seat grab and a 360 before you land.

This massive EA Sports BIG motocross game dares even the best riders to harness the power of 250cc's, while pulling off sick stunts in insane, over-the-top worlds. Freekstyle is not about being the fastest; it's about being freaking fearless. Battle the world's aerial daredevils out of the turns, through the whoops, and in the air-and when it's over, storm back up to the top of the hill and do it all over again!

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