Boom Blox Bash Party - Nintendo Wii

Boom Blox Bash Party - Nintendo Wii

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Boom Blox Bash Party is a physics-based puzzle game in which players throw, sling, and shoot their way through over 400 levels. Co-designed by Steven Spielberg, it is the sequel to Boom Blox.

Gameplay modes predominately consist of knocking over towers of blocks with balls or removing individual blocks from towers without knocking them down. Examples of tools used by the player include bowling balls, paint balls, slingshots, and sticky hand-ropes.

Bash Party expands on the original game by adding new block types and shapes (such as cylinders), new environments, and multiple new single and multiplayer game modes. It also introduces the ability to create, share, and download levels created by other players online without the use of Wii Friend codes.

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