(Japanese)Famista 64 - Nintendo 64

(Japanese)Famista 64 - Nintendo 64

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Famista 64, also known as Family Stadium 64, is the twelfth entry in the Family Stadium series, serving as a 3D remake of the original Pro Baseball: Family Stadium. Controlling one of fourteen selectable teams, both real-world and fictional, the player must score more runs than the opposing team by pitching, batting and catching the ball, as in real baseball. Players can also create their own teams with players taken from others. Like other titles in the series, Famista 64 features players and stadiums based on older Namco video games. One of the game's fictional teams is named the Namco Stars and has players named after other Namco titles, such as Pac-Man, Xevious, Dig Dug, Toy Pop, Ridge Racer and NebulasRay. Several stadiums are also based on specific Namco titles, namely Xevious and Pac-Man.


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