Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker - Game Boy Color

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker - Game Boy Color

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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is set in a world where Bruce Wayne is of an advanced age and can no longer physically function as his alter ego crime fighter Batman. Thus, Bruce has enlisted a new protege, a teenager named Terry McGinnis, to take over his role as the Batman.

Out one night, Terry gets word from Bruce that Gotham Air & Space has had a break in, At the scene of the crime, Terry runs in to the Jokerz, the Joker's minions, who seem to be stealing high tech parts for some plan devised by the Joker. So now this new Batman must thwart the old Batman's nefarious enemy and disrupt whatever caper he has planned.

The game consists of five levels of beat-'em up actions interspersed with cutscene dialogues throughout that advance the story. The levels feature the occasional branching path, which while leading to the same place, offer the player a chance to face enemies they wouldn't have seen if they kept to a linear path throughout.

Batman can attack his foes with punches and kicks and occasionally use items he finds scattered throughout a level. This additional equipment, which either effects Batman's movement or attacks, includes Batwings, Magnetic Nunchakus, a Dark Knight discus, Boot Jets, a Dark Knight shield, and a Dark Knight staff.


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